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RP Server RDM NLR protection.zip

Size: 3.64 KB - Uploaded - 225 Downloads (0 this week) - Uploaded by [GR] TeddyBear

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You have minges on your server?


21 july 2010
*) Respawn time is now only 20 secs
*) Fixed timer:
First time the killer kills the victim nothing happens to the killer( 120 secs counter starts). Secound time the killer(if he kills the same victim within 120 secs) gets arrested and so on. 5th time he will be kicked from the server.


NLR protection:
When a player dies, he will get a message about the New Life Rule. After he clicks I accept NLR. He will respawn after 20 secs. I also added count down sounds.

RDM protection:
If a player kills someone and then do it again( the same person within 120 secs), the killer will get arrested. 5th Time he will be kicked from the server.



CREDITS: TeddyBear

And thank you Dave_Parker for helping me!
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