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Dark Rp Jobs

Size: 2.09 MB - Uploaded - 1041 Downloads (1 this week) - Uploaded by Weiuor [TkoD]

All these classes have been created by ThE kInG oF dOgS

Place these classes at the bottom of the 'shared.lua' in your darkrp gamemode.
You will also need these.

Guns- http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=107819

Black magic- http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=29563
If I need to add any more please tell me.


Gangster Bomber.
Never abuse this or you will be banned.

Fuck people for money.

You are hot armed and even hotter.

Undercover Cop
You can't shoot people, and if you arrest you have to have a good reason.

Armed responce for the police.
all you can do is kill people who are wanted If you kill someone who isn't then you can be demoted.

You are more equipted than a hitman, but you can be arrested for killing people who you have been payed to kill. Hide well!

Mad Man
You have been expermented on by aliens and found out that they are trying to find a way to kill everyone (So you think)You have to warn everyone!

Dark Magican
You have godly powers use them wisely. (Fun Class)

Counter Terrorist Leader
You are heavily armed.
You have been called in by S.W.A.T. to take out a group of Terrorists.

Terrorist Leader
You are on the highest list of criminals.You are wanted for every crime. You kill for the highest bidder.

Terrorist Member
You must obey the Terrorist Leader even if it includes you dieing

Counter Terrorist Member
You are a rookie, You aren't trusted by anyone!
Follow orders or be demoted and shot on the spot.

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