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fan-made episode 3.zip

Size: 17.22 MB - Uploaded - 294 Downloads (0 this week) - Uploaded by d3adcrabs

this is just what the name implies

so onto the maps,
I was getting used to hammer when I started the project, and you may notice the map quality improves as you go on.

unfortunately there is some distance between level swiches, so a lambda spraypaint is on or near levelload doors. so you know the order it goes:

just so it is known, those are level categories, not individual maps

HL2 ep1
HL2 ep2

if you don't have ep1 but have ep2 these can also be played in ep2

all areas are possible to get through, but on the borealis complex "sprint jumps" are required.

me for the maps and most of their content
valve- for creating the borealis seen on several maps

anyways have fun

P.S. I cant respond to messages, so I will address them with the description.

installation instructions in the readme

to answer jo mama's question: hammer is a map building tool used by anyone who makes maps for gmod. Its part of source SDK which can be downloaded on steam in the tools category

Thanks for the positive feedback guys
and my mapping skills have been greatly improving and an expansion of this story is in progress

Daniel- I'm not going to get mad that you don't like the concept, and I'm fine with how you address that. But the only thing wrong with your criticism is that this is a group of 14 maps, not just one

only 18 days and the new maps are almost done seems like it was longer though...
Link to this file:

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