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Weathered CP.zip

Size: 823.88 KB - Uploaded - 234 Downloads (1 this week) - Uploaded by [THZ.O] Overlor

This is a hexed model of a Civil Protection unit with dirty/weathered armor. It's my first upload, and my first hex, but I don't think it's as bad as other first timers.


1) Drag the "Weathered CP" folder from the ZIP archive to your addons.

2) In the prop search engine, type "dirgign"(the name of the .MDL) and it should pop up. Sorry the name isn't convenient.

You can use the Model Manipulator tool(not included) to copy this model and paste it on an NPC, preferably a CP unit.

I give permission for people to take it and make it better (Make it an NPC, Player Model, etc.). But credits go to me.

(Update) Well damn. Can't seem to change the pictures. Was gonna show you the difference in the .VTF files by comparison(before and after).

(Update(ii)) Seems to work now, but the display picture's still the old one.

If you want to make these on your own, it's pretty easy actually, I learned through this thread,


There's some pictures that don't show, when it asks you to "scroll to the bottom", just look for the name of the original .mdl at the way bottom right in the XVI32 program. Replace that with the name of the folder in which you renamed the new texture(that's why the number of letters has to be the same).

Please comment, I'm deciding whether or not I should make more.

Link to this file:

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