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Pirate Wars: Return

Size: 11.2 MB - Uploaded - 2957 Downloads (0 this week) - Uploaded by Overlord Spamal

Over 2000 downloads in 5 hours, thank you!!!

Here is my remake of the legendary Gmod 9 gamemode Pirate Ship Wars!

This release has been completely re-coded from other versions due to the sloppy coding of other remakes. It still uses the original materials and models due to my lack of experience in making new ones so obviously credit is due there, perhaps someone out there could give me a hand with making some new ones? Another thing that you may notice that has not been changed is the ships, and before anyone askes me to change them let me tell you that they are part of the map and therefore nothing to do with the gamemode at all.

The main features of this revived gamemode are that; it now works without all those unprofessional LUA errors causing instability and lots of lag, it includes my own little custom time and weather system which gives me lots of opportunities for future updates. It also includes all the original and extra weapons that are now actualy given to the player on spawn!

The only real issues for this gamemode are the maps, all the old maps will still work with this gamemode but most are either broken or just suck. I am therefore urging the community to put together some new ones (perhaps with some better ships) a reasonable example of a working map is pw_waterfalls which can be found here on this site.



-All new code to make the gamemode work properly!
-Custom time and date system.
-Working day/night system.
-Custom weather system based off the original weather-mod.
-Minor boat-physics patches that don't really fix the "throwing off" problem.
-Extra weapons are now given to players.
-A little lag-preventing code.
-A working mapcycle code to read a server mapcycle file.
-Loads of other little things that aern't worth typing out.


-None yet, this is the first release!

Known Bugs:

-Grenade models are dropped but explosion still happens as if it were thrown.
-Occasional glitches with boat physics (map related but I am working on a possible fix).
-The pirate speak script needs implementing again since I re-wrote the code.


Credits: Developers of the original Gmod9 gamemode for the models and the concept!
Link to this file:

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