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Frosty's Server Admin Mod 1.5

Size: 18.16 KB - Uploaded - 1530 Downloads (0 this week) - Uploaded by ->EPC<- :

My light weight server administration tool. Designed to replace assmod.

to open the menu bind a key to +fsa_menu

This works 100% straight out of the box, the only thing you need to know is that fsa_giveowner <id>

so you would do in the SERVER console (only works in server console.


--> Find your ID usually a single or dual digit

fsa_giveowner <id>

Easy simple and epic.

It has a very simple to use/make plugin system and in the files you'll find that its explained.

Set Rank

Other Plugins:
Clear Decals
Health Refill
Respawn (At same point or spawn)
Stop Sounds

This admin mod also has a very powerful disguise system. Basically in the admin mod hit the button labelled "Enable Disguise" and to every client you will be a VIP, how ever to the server you will still be an admin so that you can still admin while disguised (epic I know right). ITs untraceable so the client will never know ^.^ unless they log admins :/
Link to this file:

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