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Parakeet's Pill Pack R1

Size: 223.77 KB - Uploaded - 16291 Downloads (1 this week) - Uploaded by Parakeet

This is my pill pack. It contains pills. Pills turn you into different things. There are other pill packs, but they were made years ago and are mostly broken. All of these are on toybox, this pack is for Server owners or people who want to see the icons in multiplayer.

To install, open the zip and put parakeet_pills_r1 in your addons folder.

Find them in the entities tab.

Sorry I didn't include any instructions, generally you hit your reload key to respawn, sprint/duck on flying things to move up and down, alt fire to deploy turrets, and sprint to upgrade the sentry. The toybox versions have more specific instructions.

This pack contains pills for:

Combine Turret
Portal Turret (Portal)
Sentry Gun (TF2)
Rocket Sentry (Portal)
City Scanner
Claw Scanner

Known bugs include but are not limited to:

Timer errors (Shitcoding on my part, but won't break anything.)
Helicopter based pills sometimes wont lift off. (Don't know why, might be another addon.)
Sentry Pill's barrels don't turn (I would have to change the entity type or mess with the bones.)
Sentry Pill only shoots effects from one barrel (Actual bullets aren't affected)
Sentry Rockets have no particle effects, looks like Valve broke them.
Health sometimes uses floating point values, even though it is an integer.
Watermelons should be kept away from the Sentry Pill.
Link to this file:

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