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The L96A1 SWEP

Size: 4.53 MB - Uploaded - 5745 Downloads (1 this week) - Uploaded by Fokkusu™

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L96A1 Swep, took me awhile because I never really felt like working on it. Sort of taking a small break, because I've got a few big things to work on.

So yea, It's an L96A1, scroll down a bit for the bio of the weapon.

Working SWEP
Scope works
World Model (Not a crotch gun)
Scripted Sounds

Gamebanana Skin Link:

Credits ~
HyperMetal - Animations/Compile/Buy Pic

Hav0c - Model
Bullethead - UV Map
Kimono - Textures
Teh Strelok - Sound
iFlip - Sound
Valve - Hand model


The L96A1 (also called the Arctic Warfare Magnum or AWM) is a bolt-action sniper rifle created by the British company Accuracy International and fielded by British and German forces. The L96A1 is a variant of the standard AW rifle used for large caliber rounds, such as the .338 Lapua. The British Army began its search for a replacement of the L42 around the 1980's. Accuracy International beat out its competitor, Parker-Hale, with its L96. Later, the Swedish began their own search for a durable heavy sniper rifle. Accuracy International made some improvements on the L96 design and called it "Arctic Warfare".

Phasing out- The British MOD is replacing the L96A1 for the .338 Lapua Calibre L115A3, the Parachute Regiment and Royal Marines used the L115A3 in Afghanistan in 2008 and is now being fielded by all British military units the L115A3 also came equipped with new sights and a sound suppressor. It changed sniper rifles by adding new capabilities for the rifle that has allowed it to become a well liked firearm for warfare.

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@Alnis Veveris
That's great, doesn't mean I stole it. Whoever the hell Larry is, he didn't make the model, read the credits.


You don't need CS:S, here:


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