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Femme Pyro P.E double packer

Size: 27.02 MB - Uploaded - 1694 Downloads (0 this week) - Uploaded by [RSS]2nd Lt. Ma

Alright, before going on with the discribtion, AGAIN!, I am going to state the following and if you have a problem with it, "CRY SOME MORE!"

Now, I am limited to what I can do to the skin of the Femme Pyro, but I found a new way to edit the skins in another way. Still trying to understand the VMT, only worked with VTFs, I have desided to have 2 addons instead of 1. For the Femme Pyro P.E addon, the skin tone has been fixed so its now even instead of looking like she got a tan line and had here back under a umbrella, the second skin is tattooed on the skin. To me, this somewhat makes em more appealing and adds a bit more character. If the download reaches 1000, I might do designs on the suit. Again, credit goes to Fancy Pants and TF2HEXES for making this add on possible. Enjoy.

For everyone Else that seems to has some problem with this or the information typed up, find something else to occupy yourself instead of constantly QQing about "Said" Object. Facebook isn't cool, it doesn't make you better, and having a one-way-mode of thinking about anything makes you more of a jackass. I have a saying,
"If your gonna complain about something, complain about something sanifegent!" This addon is not sanifegent, its simply placed here cause I feel like posting it. Facebook is not the same thing. Play your MW2 or something, just dont complain about stuff like this and what comes with it. Condescending assholes.
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