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Casual Medic and Heavy v 1.1.zip

Size: 4.44 MB - Uploaded - 2766 Downloads (2 this week) - Uploaded by Archimedes, YES

Want better versions of these models compiled for Source Filmmaker? Get them here:


v 1.1 Update: Smoother rigging on the Medic's upper arms and torso, no more weird wrinkles in his armpits.


Medic sans coat, as seen in the surgery scene in the "Meet the Medic" trailer, and the Heavy Weapons Guy sans flak vest.

Works in the addons directory.

- An assortment of body groups
- A trailer-accurate blood-splattered skin for the Medic.
- Various split facial flexes for more interesting assymetrical expressions (the next best thing until somebody makes it possible to compile HWM)
- Mouths on their own rimlight-lacking materials to get rid of those ugly white lines on the tongues.
- Higher poly fingernail sculpts.
- Uses Nexus Elite's TF2 better physics v. 2 (with the coat bones removed for the Medic) for superior posability.

Bugs: I added the tongue flexes from the HWM models, but most of the Medic's don't seem to be working with Gmod's face poser. I don't see this as a huge problem because his tongue looks like a piece of overcooked liver anyway.

EDIT: They also lack medal bones, due to being based on the outdated rigs in Source SDK's content, so badge-type items may not bonemerge correctly. This will be fixed in the next version.

Note: Requires TF2 (or at least the default models) to be installed as these fellows still use some of the default materials.
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