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Buildable Sentry Guns

Size: 460.51 KB - Uploaded - 20411 Downloads (3 this week) - Uploaded by somicide

animated team fortress 2 sentry guns


this is strictly for usage in stuff such as comics, movies, or whatever reqiures a buildable + upgradable sentry. includes an updated version of mahalis' wrench so you can be giddy and upgrade your gun. does not animate past building and upgrading by the way - you can see a demonstration of what im talking about at this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JpKf-RuKH0

this is in addon format, so extract to your addons folder.

feel free to experiment with your own turret implementations with this code until i release the final version of these turrets. right now it needs to track targets a little better, and also accurately pose the sentry guns model "aim_yaw" and "aim_pitch" when it tracks a target. this is as far is it will go because (at least Lua) is only capable of playing one animation at a time, so you may want to consider the following when you try:

1) sentry model pitch and yaw animating when idling in all levels
2) only animating the pitch and yaw when firing in lvl one
2) set a self.Entity:SetPos() instead of yaw and pitch code on level 2 and above

credits to blackops for the original tf2 sents and for showing me how to properly animate stuff (havent seen you in a while :P), and muchOJ for the tf2 wrench. i cant credit myself much because the 99% of the initalize() and think() code for the turret is gone, but i did make it upgradable and animated at least.

check out my working replica of the stickybomb launcher if you havent already: http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=46145

whatever though, im done talking, have fun with your animated sentry.

Link to this file:

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