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de_Kakariko Village

Size: 3.37 MB - Uploaded - 10200 Downloads (0 this week) - Uploaded by DutyCraft

This is Kakariko Village recreated from the legendary N64 game called the Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time and since people at FPSBanana were so generous they decided to recreated the map and it port it to Counter Strike : Source and a Defuse map.

The map is pretty much the same from it's N64 counterpart but you can go inside the houses but they are just generally filled with empty boxed and random items.

The Graveyard from Zelda : Ocarina of Time is also included to give the map a little bit of a scary mood and it's where one of the bomb points are.

You can't go inside the graves and go up to the road to Death Mountain (Although seen in the background)

If you love Zelda and Garry's Mod then download this map and enjoy some Zelda in your games.

This is might be compatible with Left 4 Dead but i don't know how you port CS:S maps into Left 4 Dead so i don't know if it will really work but you can try if you really want to it's your choice.

If your also playing Garry's Mod and if you have the Stargate mod and you want to add some gates in the map then here is a little patch for the map so you can spawn the gates.


You can download it if you really want to.
Link to this file:

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