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DoD: SWEPS Without DOD!

Size: 15.96 MB - Uploaded - 3570 Downloads (0 this week) - Uploaded by Pvt Reznov

Ok, so I know reman uploaded this same file (Without the upgrades), but I am reman, so I can do this! lol. I forgot my password, and I cant get it back so this is my new account (Pvt Reznov is sexy :D). Ok, so now for the SWEPS.

DOD:S SWEPS (Well, some of them) that include some of the best weapons in the game! Such as the MP40, Thompson SMG, Browning, and many more! Best of all, you dont need DOD:S and its perfectly safe. Ive got the game and the models/materials, ect. so you dont have to get the game. There is a bigger pack made by SiminovSKS, go check it out!

Instructions: Get your guns out and start killing NPC's!

Purpose: To shoot stuff... DUH!

Any Requirements?:

-An IQ above -10
-A Computer
-Garry's Mod (SUPER DUH!!!!!!!!!)

Do I need DOD or DOD:S?

NOPE! Its all in the pack man.

Extracting Instructions:

Extract to addons for ultimate awesomeness.

Upgrades from last pack:
Some new skins, M1 Carbine has awesome realistic skin now, and better animations.

There is also a Readme now for easier installation.


YAY PICTURES! Video coming soon!
Link to this file:

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